About Woman’s Priority


A woman never wants money, status, and flair but only wants priority,

A woman brought us into this world, yes she wants priority,

A woman makes your world, She deserves priority,

A woman struggles for her child, on behalf of her priority,

A woman is a real architect of society, yes she wants priority,

A woman sacrifices all of her dreams for others, but she only wants priority,

A Woman wants a place, where peace is her priority,

A woman wants priority once in a while, She is not selfish, she only wants her priority !!!

©Kiranjeet Kaur, May 2022



Stress is everywhere!

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Stress! We Can’t Measure,

Stress! We Can’t Plan,

Stress! Refuse Ourself,

Stress! We Can't Change,

Stress! Ruin Positive Thoughts,

Stress! Rocking Chair of Worry,

Stress! Can’t Handle Success,

Stress! Always Keep Busy With Negative Thoughts,

Stress! That Can’t Control,

Stress! Load Breaks To Down,

Stress! Forget The Rest,

Stress! Can Damage Our Identity,

Be safe, Stay Away from stress !!!

Thank You For Reading !!!

© Kiranjeet Kaur, April 2022

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Voice of Heart

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Hope! Gets Through TheDarkest Of Times

Hope! The Last Thing Ever Lost

Hope! Like Feathers That Perches In The Soul

Hope! Give The Kindness To Think

Hope! Like A Making Dream

Hope! Crack Everything

Hope! Makes Everything Possible

Hope! Everything Done

Hope! Stronger Than Fear

Hope! Gift Of Miracles

Hope! Such a Powerful thing

Hope! Act Like A Medicine

Hope! Don’t Give Up Cheers !!!!!!!

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©Kiranjeet Kaur 2022

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Be Peaceful

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War Is Not a Glamorous, It’s Monstrous,
War Is So Powerful, It Is The Failure Of Thinking,
War Is Tragedy, That makes Men Worst,
War Is remorse, Who Ignorant It,
War Is An Unbearable Memory, Who Accomplished It,
War Is A Sign Of Brutality And Stupidity,
War Is Not A Sign Of Luxury, It Is A Sign Of Historical Tragedy,
War Is A Murder Of Innocent Civilians, Which Is Organized Murder,
Say No To War………….

Dedicated to War In Ukraine

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©Kiranjeet Kaur,2022



The sadness behind the Happiest face

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How Clever Your Eyes, Those Hide Pain Behind Sparkling Eyes,

How Clever Your Tears, Those Measures The Pain And Make Stronger Bond With Your Fake Smile,

How Clever Your Smiles, Those Hide Pain Behind Blissful Smiles,

How Clever Your Emotions, Those Hide Pain Behind Distress Feels,

How Clever Your Heart, Who Hide All The Deepest Pains You Feels,

How Clever You Are, Who Make Fools Others That Believes Your Smiles,

How Clever You Are, Who Hide All Own Emotions Behind Each And Every Winning smile,

How Strong You Are, Who Hold All The Pain Behind Your Smile !!!

Thank You For Reading!

©Kiranjeet Kaur,2022



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