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Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done-Robert A. Heinlein

List of Name of Equipment used in a biotechnology lab

  1. Autoclave
  2. Bioreactor
  3. Centrifuge
  4. Electrophoresis chamber
  5. Gas Chromatography
  6. High — Performance Liquid Chromatography ( HPLC)
  7. Incubators
  8. Laminar Air Flow
  9. Magnetic Stirrer
  10. Microcentrifuges
  11. Micropippete
  12. Microscope
  13. pH Meter
  14. Plate Reader
  15. Sonicator
  16. Spectrophotometry
  17. Thermal Cycler
  18. Vacuum Desiccators
  19. Vortex Mixer
  20. Weighing Scale

Without laboratories, men…



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Carry the luminosity by removing the darker days,

Fill your life with prosperity and happiness,

The glow of joy with this festive illuminate,

Light the lamp of wisdom,

Disperse the darkness of ignorance,

Illuminate your way to success in life,

Don’t act mean by a firecracker,

Give out your child a green future,

Sending you smiles with warm wishes,

Happy Diwali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

© Kiranjeet Kaur,Oct 2022

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Broken Heart!Bear The All-Indelible Pain

Broken Heart! Full Of Stoicism For Love

Broken Heart! Unbearable To Tears

Broken Heart! Face So Much Pain

Broken Heart! Have Fake Smile

Broken Heart! Can’t Afford The Happiness

Broken Heart! Extremely Painful Thoughts

Broken Heart! Full of Unforgettable Memories

Broken Heart! Intense Emotional Stress

Broken Heart! Reference of Unreciprocated Love

Broken Heart! Succumb To Depression

Broken Heart! Failed In Romantic Love

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