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Broken Heart!Bear The All-Indelible Pain

Broken Heart! Full Of Stoicism For Love

Broken Heart! Unbearable To Tears

Broken Heart! Face So Much Pain

Broken Heart! Have Fake Smile

Broken Heart! Can’t Afford The Happiness

Broken Heart! Extremely Painful Thoughts

Broken Heart! Full of Unforgettable Memories

Broken Heart! Intense Emotional Stress

Broken Heart! Reference of Unreciprocated Love

Broken Heart! Succumb To Depression

Broken Heart! Failed In Romantic Love

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©Kiranjeet Kaur,2022

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Hey Girls! Are You Brave?

Mhmm, Yes! You Have A Spirit Of Self-Sacrifice,

That Makes You Brave.

Hey Girls! Are You Ditsy?

Mhmm, Yes! You Have Able To Bear Fruit Of Silence,

That Makes You Ditsy.

Hey Girls! Are You Agape?

Mhmmm, Yes! You Always Love By Heart,

That Makes You Agape.

Hey Girls! Are You Priority Seeker?

Mhmm, Yes! You Have the Ability To Give Superiority to Others,

That Makes You Priority Seeker.

Hey Girls! Are You Mystery?

Mhmm, Yes! You are Always Bearing An Untold Story Inside You,

That Makes You Mystery.

Hey Girls! You Are Brave, Disty, Agape, priority seeker ‘n’ Mystery,

Mhmm, Yes! That Makes You Marvel Of Self-Sacrifice.

© Kiranjeet Kaur, 2022

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